• Don't Let Hepatitis B Win!


    Some of the highest rates of Hepatitis B infection are in Asia. Thus, many Asian immigrants to the United States, including Filipino immigrants are disproportionately affected by the Hepatitis B virus. In 2014, AFIRE will be doing education, outreach, and screening for Hepatitis B. For more information contact Michael at (773) 580-1025.

  • Healthy Heart Healthy Family

    As part of the Healthy Heart Healthy Family (HHHF) campaign, Sally Richmond educated a group of motivated Filipinos about cardiovascular health. In October 2013, thirteen Filipinos graduated the curriculum and became Community Health Workers. The next phase of the campaign begins this month as the new graduates go forth and educate the rest of the Filipino community. The HHHF campaign is being sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. To get involved contact Sally at (773) 580-1025

  • J.R


    AFIRE's Board Chair, J.R. Basa, starts CrowdRise fundraiser

    Under the campaign, "Every Filipino Counts", newly elected Board Chair, J.R. Basa starts CrowdRise Fundraiser.

    J.R. says, "I am running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2014 to raise funds and awareness for the Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment (AFIRE). Our mission is to build the capacity of the Filipino American community to effect transformative social change through grassroots education, action, research, and services."

    Please join the campaign by going to "Every Filipino Counts" website.

  • rtb300


    Join us for the Rock the Balut! and 5K Charity Fun Run & Walk! On Saturday, Sept 27, we'll be running and walking (3.1 miles) to show our support to AFIRE's programs to strengthen civic engagement, immigrant rights, pathway to US citizenship, and the health and well-being of the Filipino community. Following the run and walk, join us at the mouth-watering Adobofest, hosted by the Filipino American Network.

    Date:  Saturday, September 27, 2014

    Time: Registration 8am - 9:30am; Walk: 9:00 to 11:00am

    Where: LaBagh Woods (Foster and Cicero in Chicago)

    Registration Fee: $20 online until 09/26/14; $20 at table, day of event.


    Each registered participant will receive a Rock the Balut! 5K Charity Fun Walk & Run T-Shirt. All net proceeds raised will go toward AFIRE's operations and programs.

    Be Bold. Register to Vote. AFIRE will have a Voter Registration table from 8am to 5pm. 

    To register, please click here Donate Page .  For more information or if you would like to help sponosr the event, please call us at 773-580-1025 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  Thank you.


  • VolunteerPhoto Volunteer Opportunities. Make a Statement.

    "I've always wanted to contribute to the Filipino community in Chicago, and this was a great opportunity to do so."

    - Stacy Delvo, New American Initiative Volunteer

    AFIRE's achievements could not have been possible without the positive contributions made by volunteers from diverse generations and all walks of life. They help us learn about, as well as to listen and respond to, the needs of our community. They help us to further our commitment to our community's dreams and aspirations, to become part of a vibrant, diverse society forward. 

    AFIRE's volunteer experience offers dedicated individuals the chance to meet a group of like-minded individuals, as well as opportunities to become agents of change and help further the organization's goals and vision to new levels each year.  The experience is based on the concept of "ABKD," the first four letters of the Filipino alphabet - which begins the journey of words and thoughts into pursuit of social justice: Action through Bayanihan (personal service to the good of the community), Kapitbahayan (neighborly concern), and Damayan (to help each other).  

    If you are interested in sharing your time and skills, or would like to learn more about immigration advocacy and related issues please apply now. AFIRE's volunteer programs offers a variety of oportunities that fit your interests, and can provide you with firsthand experience.  Our program schedule also makes it easy to volunteer during the weekday(s), weekends, and in the evening. 

  • kriswalangpapel

    WHAT is the UndocuScholars Project survey about?

    The UndocuScholars Project is a national study of diverse undocumented college students attending community colleges and universities.
    -Expand knowledge about the range of UndocuScholars’ experiences in order to challenge false assumptions
    and damaging misperceptions;
    -Use this knowledge to better inform on-campus practice and services as well as local and national policy.

    Eligible students must be:

    -Ages 18-30

    -Identify as undocumented, DREAMer, DACAmented

    -Been enrolled in community college, four-year colleges & university in the 2013-2014 academic year.

    To participate:

    Visit www.UndocuScholars.org

    Students will receive a $20 gift certificate for their participation.




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