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23 August 2014

  • Don't Let Hepatitis B Win!


    Some of the highest rates of Hepatitis B infection are in Asia. Thus, many Asian immigrants to the United States, including Filipino immigrants are disproportionately affected by the Hepatitis B virus. In 2014, AFIRE will be doing education, outreach, and screening for Hepatitis B. For more information contact Michael at (773) 580-1025.

  • Healthy Heart Healthy Family

    As part of the Healthy Heart Healthy Family (HHHF) campaign, Sally Richmond educated a group of motivated Filipinos about cardiovascular health. In October 2013, thirteen Filipinos graduated the curriculum and became Community Health Workers. The next phase of the campaign begins this month as the new graduates go forth and educate the rest of the Filipino community. The HHHF campaign is being sponsored by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois. To get involved contact Sally at (773) 580-1025

  • Kampanya Kalusugan Elston Ave UMC 3.29.14 500

     Health and Wellness Campaign

    On March 29th and April 12th the Kampanya para sa Kalusugan (Health and Wellness Campaign) met to continue raising awareness about the urgent health needs in the Filipino community. The group is comprised of community members from Bride of Christ Church, Edison Park United Methodist Church, Elston Avenue United Methodist Church, and Philippine American Ecumenical Church. Additionally, the group includes health advocates from the Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment (AFIRE), DIWA, and Filipino American Community Health Initiative of Chicago (FACHIC).

    Photo Caption: Meeting on March 29th at Elston Avenue United Methodist Church L-R: Jerry Clarito, Pastor Bert Villaluz, Pastor Victor Melad, Jr., Joy Del Carmen, Pastor Hannah Kardon, Missy Yabes, JP Jael, Bishop Eliezer Pascua, Atty. Michael Aguhar, and Eric Datu.

  • J.R


    AFIRE's Board Chair, J.R. Basa, starts CrowdRise fundraiser

    Under the campaign, "Every Filipino Counts", newly elected Board Chair, J.R. Basa starts CrowdRise Fundraiser.

    J.R. says, "I am running the Bank of America Chicago Marathon 2014 to raise funds and awareness for the Alliance of Filipinos for Immigrant Rights and Empowerment (AFIRE). Our mission is to build the capacity of the Filipino American community to effect transformative social change through grassroots education, action, research, and services."

    Please join the campaign by going to "Every Filipino Counts" website.

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